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Expectations of suppliers

What we expect

Innovation and excellence is at the core of everything we do.

We work closely with our suppliers to continually improve performance and strive for mutual growth.

Paradise Beverages manages its suppliers within a simple framework. The framework segments our entire supply base and allows us to invest time and effort appropriately.

Partner suppliers have the potential to help grow our business and unlock future value, irrespective of whether they are a big supplier, a small supplier, or not yet a supplier. Quality, service and value are a given, along with outstanding performance; but we also look for initiative and ownership for identifying opportunities and driving tangible commercial outcomes.

Strategic suppliers are the pillars of our organisation and play a key role in Paradise Beverages’s transformation into a leaner and more agile business. They have a proven track record of high performance and an excellent reputation for quality goods and services. The focus is on long term high performance and in driving productivity initiatives to deliver effective, efficient relationships.

Tactical suppliers make up the balance of our supplier base. The focus is on short term performance, with great quality, service and value as minimum requirements.

Information Security and Protection

At Paradise Beverages all employees and third parties share in the responsibility of safeguarding the information used to support our business operations. We exchange information with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, bottling partners and others.  Everything produced (by an individual or Information Technology system) or received in the workplace that has the capacity to be sent, received or stored in physical or electronic copy is the property of Paradise Beverages.

It is each employee’s and third party’s obligation to ensure that systems are used properly and information is protected and classified in accordance with Paradise Beverages’s Information Security Policy, Information Protection Policy and Payment Card Industry Policy. You will be provided the details applicable to you when you start.


Payment Terms

PBFLs standard payment term is on the first business day of the second month following the date of invoice

Payment 5.1 PBFL standard payment terms shall apply for all undisputed invoices. Unless PBFL  informs the Supplier of alternative payment terms, PBFLs standard payment terms are on the first business day of the second  month following the date of the invoice. PBFL reserves the right to negotiate discounts for earlier payment with the Supplier which shall be at the Supplier’s sole discretion.