Paradise Beverages partners with Mamanuca Environment Society

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Paradise Beverages

Paradise Beverages, Fiji’s leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer, partners with the Mamanuca Environment Society (MES) in its bid to protect Fiji’s marine environment.
The announcement, which was made by the company last week, extends a decade-long relationship between MES and Paradise Beverages’ Vonu beer brand, which carries the Vonu Dina (green turtle) as its emblem.
Paradise Beverages general manager, Mike Spencer, said as a local company and one of Fiji’s largest employers, they recognised that they played a part in protecting the environment and communities.
“The Fijian islands are home to one of the world’s most outstanding tropical marine environments, with many of our species found nowhere else in the world,” Spencer said.
“We are equally proud that our Vonu beer had been supporting the work of MES in protecting endangered turtle species for over a decade.
“Our decision to extend our partnership reflects the vital role the Society plays in protecting our turtles and the marine environment they live in,” he said.
“It’s this incredible diversity and natural beauty that puts Fiji on the map and draws in tourists from around the world. It’s also a fundamental part of the identity and livelihood of most Fijians, as most local communities rely heavily on marine resources for food and the jobs and income from our vital tourism and fisheries industries.”
Acknowledging the company’s increased commitment, MES project manager Marica Vakacola said they were grateful for the continued support of their sponsorship partner.
"The partnership with Paradise Beverages that has been extended for another three years is a great outcome. This will allow the expansion of the conservation work MES provides that in turn will benefit the whole of the Mamanuca group of islands and Fiji as a nation. Having continued sponsorship with such a credible partner as Paradise Beverages and the VONU brand, underscores their commitment to the environment and assists enormously with the work of Mamanuca Environment Society,” Vakacola said.
She added that the region’s rising number of visitors and increasing development demand, coupled with the biggest natural phenomena of climate change, made partnerships between the private sector and community even more vital to ensuring a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.
The Mamanuca Environment Society was incorporated in 2003 and is a non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to promote and encourage sound environmental management practices with the goal being the sustainability of our fragile marine and terrestrial environment.
The society’s goal is immensely important in attaining recognition and providing protection for the environment in the Mamanucas, which in turn supports the livelihood of both community and commercial stakeholders.