RATU White rum


Paradise Beverages

Rum Co of Fiji Distillery, formerly known as the South Pacific Distillery, is Fiji’s oldest running rum distillery dating back to the early 1980s.

It recently released the limited edition RATU 10-year-old White Rum in an exclusive limited-edition series that celebrates over 40 years of expertise and innovation.

Created as a celebration of the Distillery’s heritage and tradition in rum making, it was released to showcase the expertise, capabilities, and passion for innovation by the distillers.

For this limited release, Rum Co. of Fiji Master Distiller and Blender, Liam Costello, uncovered the potential of aged white rum that had been stored in oak barrels for 10 years.

The rum was light gold in colour and had a lovely coconut and vanilla aroma and flavour. Over the course of a couple of months, he searched for a way to filter the rum and found a supplier of coconut shell activated carbon.

When filtered, the rum lost its light golden colour and became clear. “I was inspired by the aged white rum and its potential,” remarked Mr Costello.

“Using a blend of filtered rum, paired with unfiltered rum created a soft, smooth sipping white rum that I consider as one of the oldest White Rums across the world.” Paradise Beverages General Manager, Mike Spencer said,

“We now have four rums in the premium, multi-award-winning Ratu range, the other three being Dark Rum, Spiced Rum and Signature Liqueur.

The 10-year-old Ratu White Rum is a wonderful addition to this range.

It is extremely smooth, and I prefer it poured over ice.”

Tasting Notes:

• Appearance: Pale straw with hints of green

• Aromas: Vanilla, Coconut

• Palate: Vanilla, Coconut, with a creamy and peppery, dry lingering aftertaste

Ratu White Rum is best enjoyed over crushed ice with a dash of lime juice and a splash of filtered water.