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New Zealand’s iconic Sprite bottles transition from green to clear PET plastic

Sprite Clear transition


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New Zealand’s iconic Sprite bottles transition from green to clear PET plastic - New bottle, same Sprite

Coca-Cola in New Zealand has today announced that after nearly 60 years Sprite’s iconic green plastic bottles will switch to clear plastic, making them easier to recycle into new bottles.

While green PET plastic is recyclable, it’s usually converted into single-use items like clothing and carpet that cannot be recycled again.

Julie O’Toole, Country Lead for Coca-Cola Oceania said the decision to switch from green to clear PET plastic was an important move by the company to drive packaging circularity.

“While all our cans, glass and plastic bottles are already accepted for recycling in New Zealand, this move to clear takes us a step further towards a circular economy for our packaging. The shift from signature green to clear Sprite bottles will support local recycling systems as we increase these bottles’ likelihood of being remade into new bottles. We know it is the right thing to do to make this change.”

The move to the new clear bottle, which the Sprite brand has completed or is in process in over 100 countries, reflects the company’s commitment to prioritise sustainability and drive packaging circularity. The change in New Zealand will affect all pack sizes of Sprite Classic bottles in PET plastic packaging. Sprite No Sugar (which is already in a clear plastic bottle) will now sport a new-look black logo and name, Sprite Zero Sugar, to align it with Coca-Cola’s Zero Sugar range.

The switch in New Zealand is expected to be complete by June 2023 as retailers sell through existing stock.

Sprite, The Coca-Cola Company’s second-largest brand, has been sold in iconic green bottles since the drink was first introduced in the United States and internationally in the 1960s.