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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand achieves carbon neutral certification for Putāruru manufacturing site

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In a first for the Indo-Pacific region, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand’s (CCEP) water bottling facility in Putāruru becomes one of six CCEP sites globally to achieve internationally recognised PAS2060** carbon neutral certification. This is a step towards CCEP’s ambition to reach net zero emissions by 2040[1].

This has seen the site more than halve its carbon intensity of every litre of water produced over the past three years, with commitments for further reductions.[2]

“Achieving the certification is a rigorous three-year process, requiring us to make both demonstrable and practical changes in reducing carbon from all energy consumed on site away from fossil fuels as well as reducing the volume of waste to landfill and wastewater from processing.

“Measuring these changes and having independently verified outcomes is a key part of the certification process and our continued emissions reduction progress is externally audited on an annual basis,” says Jenna Pepper, Sustainability Program Manager, CCEP New Zealand.

Through these efforts, the site’s market-based scope 2 electricity emissions are now zero and emissions from the water mains have halved since 2019.

The site uses 100% certified renewable energy[3], validated by New Zealand Renewable Electricity certification and LPG forklifts have been replaced by electric ones. Other key emissions reduction measures included LED lighting supported by timers and motion sensors, and the installation of a wastewater collection unit to recycle the water used in operating the plant, halving the amount of wastewater[4].

“We have an ambitious goal to reach net zero by 2040 and reduce greenhouse emissions across our entire value chain by 30 per cent by 2030. Receiving the PAS2060 certification for carbon neutrality at the Putāruru site is an important step in our journey towards this goal,” says Pepper.

While it is in the process of emissions reductions, CCEP NZ has purchased a small amount of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)- certified carbon credits to offset Putāruru’s remaining emissions in 2021 and 2022, from two different projects; Rimba Raya, Pulau Borneo and Katingan Peatland Restoration Project.

“We focus first on reducing emissions as far as possible and will offset where essential,” adds Pepper.

“As a leading beverage manufacturer in Aotearoa, we’re committed to understanding and minimising the impacts our operations may have on our environment. As part of this certification process, we’ve partnered with globally recognised non-profit organisations.

“We're taking action in areas where we know we have significant impact to reduce our carbon footprint. Achieving this milestone is a proud moment not only for our Putāruru team, but our wider CCEP team and our work is by no means done. Certification is only one of the ambitious goals we’ve set ourselves as we work to deliver on our 2040 target. Success isn’t about a single moment, but sustained progress, and we have a clear decarbonisation roadmap to focus our efforts as well as put measurable targets in place reducing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions,” says Pepper.


** PAS2060 is an internationally recognised standard for carbon neutral certification.



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