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Rolling out the Health Star Rating stars on our products

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Coca-Cola in New Zealand continues to support the voluntary front-of-pack Health Star Rating (HSR) system and we are transitioning from the energy icon to stars on our packs.

The move to the star icon is an example of how seriously we take our responsibility to provide meaningful information to consumers. We have supported the New Zealand government’s HSR initiative since it was established in 2014, adding the HSR energy icon on packs across our portfolio of products. We also highlight via our ‘multi-serve icon’  the number of 250mL serves in each pack.

½ a star for Coke Classic, and the ratings for our other brands

One of our first packs to carry the HSR icon is Coca-Cola Classic, which has a ½ star rating, and we continue to roll out more stars on packs across our portfolio.  

The HSR icon will be applied to all products over time, whether that’s Schweppes Ginger Beer (½ star)) or Kiwi Blue water (5 stars).

Providing transparent information to help you make the right choice for you

Understanding nutritional information on food and beverage labels shouldn’t require serious homework and the HSR icon is designed to provide an easy way to compare similar food or beverage categories when you are shopping, to help you make the choice that is right for you. 

At Coca-Cola in New Zealand, we’re committed to helping Kiwis make informed beverage choices. We know that eating and drinking less sugar is increasingly important to many New Zealanders. And, as a leader in the beverage industry in New Zealand, we choose to do more – not just say more – when it comes to helping Kiwis consume less sugar.

For more information on HSR please visit here. For more information on how we are reducing the sugar that Kiwis consume from our beverages, please visit here.