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Action on Water

Water Stewardship

Water is an essential resource both for our own business and across our value chain.

We treat water with the care it deserves, aiming to reduce our water consumption on a continual basis and protect local water sources for future generations.

Global water crises such as water scarcity are ranked among the highest risks to the economy and society.

CCEP depends on a sustainable and high quality supply of water. Not only is water the main ingredient in many of our products, it’s also essential for our manufacturing processes, and for growing the agricultural ingredients we depend upon.

To address water scarcity challenges and take care of our water resources, we adopt a value chain approach to water management. We’re focused on reducing the water we use in our production facilities, including the safe return to nature of 100% of our wastewater. Our actions on water helps us to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.