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Forward on Packaging

Forward on Packaging

Reducing the impact our packaging has on the environment is at the heart of our packaging strategy.

Our packaging represents a great amount of our total value chain carbon footprint. Reducing the footprint of our packaging will be a critical part in CCEP journey to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2040.

We want to reduce our use of packaging where we can (by lightweighting, removing unnecessary packaging, and innovating in refillable and dispensed solutions and services) and ensure that all the packaging we do use is collected so that it does not end up as litter or in the oceans, and can be recycled and reused as part of a circular economy.

Our action on packaging supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Our Commitments

  • Lightweighting
  • PET Collection
PET Launch 700 x 400 v2


We continue to remove unnecessary plastic from our packaging via a light weighting program for bottles and caps, and secondary plastic packaging for bottles and caps, multi pack shrink film, pallet wrap and plastic packaging.

PET Collection
Collection 700 x 400 v2

PET Plastic Bottle Collection Program

Our ultimate goal is to help collect and recycle the equivalent of one bottle for every bottle we bring to the market by 2030. We’re doing this as we believe, it is our responsibility to have a long-term commitment to the sustainability of our packaging.

1 v9

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Launches PET Plastic Bottle Collection Program in Papua New Guinea

CCEP PNG Sales and Commercial Director, Tim Solly, said: “As a beverage manufacturer in PNG, we believe it is our responsibility to have a long-term commitment to the sustainability of our packaging. Packaging waste is undoubtedly a major challenge, and it’s also a solvable one if we take action. Our plastic bottles have an ongoing intrinsic value, and we need to treat them this way.”

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Sprite Clear Bottle v3

Sprite Clear Bottle

In 2021, we switched Sprite’s iconic green colored packaging to a clear PET bottle design to make it easier to recycle. Sprite’s shift to clear and transparent packaging in PNG is significant progress towards achieving Coca-Cola’s global vision of a World Without Waste.