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Our Manufacturing Facility Wins 'Most Original Exercise Program' Award for 2023 by Business Continuity Institute APAC

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We are thrilled to announce that our Manufacturing Facility in Lae, Morobe Province has been awarded 'The Most Original Exercise Program' for 2023 by the esteemed Business Continuity Institute APAC. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and collaborative efforts of our cross-functional team, including our local Heads of Supply Chain and Manufacturing, as well as our experts in Business Processes and Technology.

The implementation of our robust Business Resilience Framework (BRF) began in late 2022 and was successfully completed in early 2023. Throughout this process, we prioritized active participation and understanding among our team members, ensuring their engagement in the program.

The BRF encompasses several vital activities aimed at enhancing our Business Continuity and Resilience (BCR). These activities include strategic alignment and planning, integrating BCR efforts into our overall business strategies. Additionally, site trainings were designed to equip our personnel with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to disruptions.

To ensure a standardized approach, we developed templates that facilitate the documentation and assessment of BCR capabilities. These templates have also enhanced visibility and understanding of the resilience measures implemented at each site. Furthermore, regular tests and exercises have provided valuable opportunities to evaluate our response capabilities and identify areas for improvement.

We extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the instrumental team members who have played a significant role in the successful implementation of this framework. Their ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the BRF are crucial in ensuring that our organization, CCEP, remains well-prepared to mitigate disruptions, safeguard key assets, and maintain operational continuity in the face of evolving threats.