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CCEP PNG Takes the Lead in Addressing Plastic Bottle Waste with Innovative PET Collection Program

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At CCEP PNG, we are committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Recently, we participated in the Innovation Conference held at APEC Haus, Port Moresby, where we showcased our PET Plastic Bottle Collection Program.

The conference, organized by Business Advantage International and Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce, gathered over 350 representatives from various sectors. This presented an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the progress of our program since its launch in May and discuss the challenges we encountered during implementation.

During the conference, Tim Solly, our Sales & Commercial Director for PNG, emphasized the significance of addressing the issue of plastic waste infiltrating our oceans, waterways, and natural surroundings. With the population on the rise, this problem will only worsen without intervention. As a responsible beverage manufacturer, we are committed to preventing our packaging from polluting Papua New Guinea's beautiful environment.

To find a solution, we conducted thorough research, studying successful PET collection models worldwide. Through this process, we identified four key principles that effective PET collection schemes share: incentivization, convenience, accessibility, and education.

We strongly believe that fostering a recycling culture and raising awareness are crucial elements for the success of our program.

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to expand our PET Collection Program. We aim to begin in Port Moresby and gradually extend to other cities such as Lae, Hagen, Kokopo, and NGI. Achieving these goals will require collaboration with like-minded partners who share our vision. Together, we can expedite progress, improve collection rates, and overcome the challenges that lie ahead by embracing innovative solutions.

Our vision for success is clear: a future where plastic bottles no longer pollute our environment. Our ultimate objective is to achieve full circularity, by collecting and recycling every bottle we introduce into society. We are determined to establish a sustainable cycle of production and reuse that benefits both our community and the environment we call home.