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CCEP Papua New Guinea staff commemorate PNG's 48th Independence Day Anniversary with celebrations across all centres

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Papua New Guinea proudly celebrated its 48th Independence Anniversary on September 16, 2023, and it was an event filled with joy and excitement!

CCEP PNG understands that our people are the heart and soul of our organization. We take immense pride in having a diverse group of individuals who represent the rich cultures and traditions of Papua New Guinea.

Just as we value our customers, we also value and celebrate our CCEP team, recognizing and honoring their diverse backgrounds while working together under one roof. To mark this special occasion, on September 14th, we organized Independence Day celebrations across all 21 of our sales centers.

The festivities were a true reflection of unity, where camaraderie, laughter, song, and dance echoed through the air. And of course, no celebration is complete without delicious food, so we enjoyed a delightful kaikai (meal/food) together.

But that's not all! Our Lae site went above and beyond by hosting an incredible event called 'adopt an expat.' This provided our expatriate staff with an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional performances and don traditional attire, truly experiencing the vibrant culture of Papua New Guinea.

The day was filled with a sense of togetherness that left us feeling grateful for the opportunity to honor our incredible employees in such a special way.

We are thrilled to continue creating meaningful events that recognize and appreciate the amazing individuals who make CCEP PNG what it is today.