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Transacting with Us

Transacting with Us

Transacting with us

In pursuit of our vision to be a lean and agile organisation, coca-cola europacific partners (fiji) is looking to transact electronically with all suppliers.

In all countries Amatil operates under a NO Purchase Order (PO) NO Pay Policy where all invoices must contain a system generated PO attached to ensure the supplier receives payment. Invoices for goods or services without a system generated purchase order will result in the invoice being rejected for payment. For the avoidance of doubt, Manual Payments are not permitted.  The only exception where a PO is not needed is for utilities, government charges or where approved by Procurement. Please contact the Amatil business representative you are working with to request a formal purchase order prior to undertaking the work and submitting an invoice for payment.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Our standard terms and conditions apply to all Purchase Orders created by us unless otherwise agreed in a formal procurement contract.

Click here to access the Purchase Order Terms for supply of goods and services to Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (Fiji) Pte Limited.

Purchase orders

An approved purchase order will be sent to you via e-mail. The approved and correct purchase order number relating to the goods or services you provide us must be included on your invoice, and it must be computer generated. Please do not hand-write it on. Valid purchase order numbers are eleven digits long with ’X’ or ‘PO’ prefix.

CCEP has a strict No PO No Pay policy, which means goods cannot be supplied (and invoices will not be paid) without a first receiving a valid purchase order number.

Accounts payable process

We have streamlined and improved the way we do business with suppliers. These requirements will help ensure your invoice moves through our improved system without delay. Invoices, including the purchase order number, must be computer-generated (not hand-written). The purchase order number must relate to the goods or services provided to us and for which is being charged for on the invoice. Include only one invoice per attachment (multiple attachments within one email are allowed). A copy can be sent to your CCEP contact if required. Please contact us if you wish to discuss or have difficulty meeting any of the above invoice requirements. You can email us or phone us on 679 3394 333.

Under no circumstances should your organisation undertake any work without a valid Purchase Order. Invoices without a valid Purchase Order number will be returned to you resulting in possible delays in payment.

Where to send your invoice

Invoices must be sent to CCEP, Accounts Payable.  If required, please only send a COPY to your CCEP contact, if requested. Please only send one copy to Accounts Payable with your account statement.  If you are unsure whether we have received your Invoice, please email us or phone us on 679 3394 333.

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 679 3394 406


Accounts Payable
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (Fiji) Pte Limited
Private Bag, Laucala Beach Estate

When to send your invoice

Invoices should reach Accounts Payable as soon as possible after delivery of the goods or performance of the services.

Payment terms 

CCEP's Standard payment tern is on the first business day of the second month following the date of invoice.

CCEP Fiji’s standard payment terms shall apply for all undisputed invoices.  Unless CCEPFJ informs the Supplier of alternative payment term, CCEPFJ’s standard payment term is first business day of the Second month following the date of invoice. CCEPFJ reserves the right to negotiate discounts for earlier payment with the Supplier which shall be at the Supplier’s sole discretion.


Our preferred payment method is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). A direct payment (EFT) by CCEP will be deposited into your nominated bank account, meaning no more cheque handling required, or collection of cheques from our offices and no more cashing of cheques or queuing at the bank.

Payment Days are Tuesday and Thursday of every week.

Contact us 

Phone: 679 3394 333
Email: [email protected]