CCAF Solar Launch

Solar Roof


Monday 3rd July marked the official opening of CCAF Solar Energy Project, a significant event for the whole AMATIL Group. CCAF and Sunergise Fiji & New Zealand have entered a partnership for the installation of more than 3,800 solar panels to the Suva production plant which provides a 40% cleaner renewable energy source.

The launch was officiated by the Honourable Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama who saluted the company’s vision on behalf of all Fijian and encouraged every Fijian business and investor to consider following CCAF’s example. The Honourable Prime Minister went on to say that what CCAF has done is a practical and highly effective way in which the private sector can make it’s own contribution to the fight against climate change. He said, ‘it really is a potential game changer; solar technology is becoming increasingly more efficient as well as affordable; and this is something that can be replicated throughout the region’.

“This Solar Energy Project is the first of its kind in the AMATIL family and is something we are very proud of as it aligns with our environmental values. We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and support the Fiji Government’s efforts to encourage a more resilient Fijian community and economy by addressing the global impacts of climate change” said Roger Hare.

Present at the launch was Alison Watkins, Coca-Cola Amatil’s Group Managing Director. “Our sustainability Framework focuses on four areas that are important to us and where we believe we can make the most impact – our people, Consumer wellbeing, environment and our community”. This first stage of the solar project will provide 40% of our Suva site energy requirements and when Stage 2 comes online 80% of the site energy needs will come from the sun. A fantastic outcome for Amatil and the environment stated Alison. The project she said was another example of Coca-Cola Amatil team’s commitment to further reducing the carbon footprint with the rollout of 1.1 megawatts of renewable energy generation. Sunergise Co-Founder, Ajay Raniga stated, Sunergise is delighted to partner with Coca-Cola Amatil to create the largest grid connected roof top installation in Fiji, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. This 1.1MW solar system is equivalent in size to about 200 residential systems, consisting of over 3,860 solar panels and 39 25kW invertors. Producing 1,408,000 Kilowatt hours of energy per year, the system will save 974 tons of CO2 annually. This is equivalent of saving 414,722 litres of diesel per year, or avoiding 3,730,751 car kilometers annually or planting 24,964 trees.

CCA Fiji has been undertaking initiatives toward meeting goals identified around reducing refrigeration and manufacturing emissions utilizing solar energy, promoting sustainable packaging utilizing renewable and recycled content, and increased material resource efficiency. Recently CCA Fiji introduced Solar fridges to refrigerate products and have placed five in the market on a trial basis before further roll out.


Initial discussion of this project began with Coca-Cola Amatil’s Head office in New Zealand and Sunergise. A feasibility study took place in November 2016 and works began on this project in March 2017. The now complete project consists of over 3,860 solar panels and provides 40% of the facility’s total power supply.