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Action on Packaging, New Campaign | CCEP

  • Running across Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Original Taste, prizes include £200 vouchers for consumers to put towards Christmas feasts plus 1000’s of festive gifts
  • NaviLens codes to feature on festive multipack cans for the first time to support people who are visually impaired
  • Supported by Coca-Cola’s annual iconic Christmas marketing campaign


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) kicks off its annual Coca-Cola Christmas countdown this month with the launch of a brand new on-pack promotion, to help cover the cost of special festive moments, whether that be mealtimes or gifts for friends and family.


Festive on-pack promotion

Festive-themed sharing packs of Coca-Cola Original Taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and for the first time Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cherry are rolling out from mid-November and feature the iconic and eye-catching Sundblom Santa Claus to drive standout on shelf.


From the 21st November, shoppers can scan QR codes on-pack for the chance to win pre-loaded £200 ‘Festive Feast’ gift cards from Love2Shop – accepted by supermarkets, food aggregators, restaurant chains and more.  With 1,000 gift cards up for grabs, shoppers can also win thousands of exclusive Coca-Cola and festive gifts.


The promotion will run across plain and price-marked large PET bottles (1.25lt, 1.75lt and 2lt)  and multi-packs of cans. Convenience retailers can request POS materials from to bring Christmas to life in-store, encouraging shoppers to ‘make Christmas mealtimes magic’, whilst highlighting the on-pack promotion. 


Making our packs more inclusive with NaviLens

For the first time this year, our large Christmas can multipacks (24 & 30) will include NaviLens codes on the cardboard outters to help shoppers that are partially sighted and have difficulty using traditional signage the opportunity to navigate their way around a shop to find their chosen purchases. Partially sighted shoppers will be able to scan the codes on their mobile phone camera and the information they need is contextualised in the NaviLens app. They do not need to know precisely where the codes are placed, as the codes can be detected at wide angles, from distances of up to four meters and when unfocussed.


Marc Powell, RNIB’s Accessibility Innovation Lead, said:We are delighted that one of the world’s biggest brands is championing the inclusion of accessibility as part of the conversation around how we can make the customer experience better for blind and partially sighted people.

“People with sight loss should have the same access and choice as our sighted counterparts, but currently, important information on packaging can often be in very small print, making it difficult or impossible for us to read. Technology such as NaviLens is a game changer and allows blind and partially sighted people to independently access key information on packaging.

“This pilot with Coca-Cola, the first beverage company to launch NaviLens on packs, highlights how big brands can put accessibility at the forefront of design and packaging decisions, and be a real catalyst for change.”


Martin Attock, vice-president commercial development at CCEP GB said: “Coca-Cola has been bringing people together at Christmas for more than 130 years, and this year is no different. We want to help shoppers focus on enjoying magical moments with friends and family, by giving them a little something to put towards a special meal this Christmas.


“We are proud to be working with NaviLens this year to make our packs and the Coca-Cola brand more inclusive so everyone can enjoy their favourite beverage. This technology is making a huge difference to as many as two million people in the UK[1] who are currently visually impaired.”


Seizing the Christmas sales opportunity


This year’s Christmas on-pack activity is being supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign, to ensure Coca-Cola is front of mind for shoppers from November through to New Year’s Eve, under the Coca-Cola strapline, ‘Real Magic’.


The aim is to help retailers to tap into growing soft drinks opportunity at Christmas. Last year, soft drink sales grew nearly 9% in December vs the rest of the year[2], while sales across the CCEP portfolio grew by more than a quarter[3] In fact, Coca-Cola TM* sales increased by 36% over the Christmas period in 2021[4].


Coca-Cola TM* remains the number one soft drinks brand in GB, delivering £47.3m of value growth over the past 12 months[5], led by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which is up 21.9%[6].



*Coca-Cola TM includes Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Original Taste & Diet Coke


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