TabSquare is a Singapore-based company that provides digital ordering platforms and an operating system for tablet, mobile, and self-service kiosks. Their technology really excited us as they use artificial intelligence to understand diner behaviour and provide tailored recommendations, including suggesting beverages that could match and be added to meal selections. 

Not only do these platforms enable faster and more efficient ordering, and allow restaurants to reduce front-of-house headcount, but TabSquare’s Artificial Intelligence engine provides a better experience for diners and helps present them with the beverage options they’re most likely to enjoy.

Following our investment in TabSquare in 2018, we have gone on to support them in growing into new markets. This has included organising a potential trial with Wahaca restaurants in the UK, and arranging an endorsement by our sales team in Australia. As a result, we have assisted TabSquare in growing its Australian presence from 0 to 460 stores.


Growth in merchants live on the platform, over the last 12 months


Faster table turnaround for venues