Konvergen AI is an Indonesian-based AI startup that uses optical character recognition and data extraction enabling cooler image recognition. We saw an exciting opportunity to use Konvergen’s product to improve how CCEP manage cooler layouts and activate products in sales venues.

Years of experience and research have given CCEP an impressive understanding of how best to arrange products on shelves and in fridges to maximise sales. Local sales people already visit shops and hospitality venues and photograph their fridges to check these layouts. So being able to use AI to analyse the photographs gives CCEP the ability to recognise trends, issues, or areas for improvement quickly and at a better price point than before. 

We supported Konvergen in arranging a pilot of these capabilities with Coca-Cola Indonesia, and from February 2021 this pilot has turned into a national program across Indonesia. Trials are also underway in New Zealand. 


More cost competitive per image vs leading providers