Sip The Romance: Grinders Launch Exclusive PNG Inspired Coffee

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia

We’re thrilled to share Grinders has launched an exclusive new coffee blend - PAPUA NEW GUINEA KABIUFA. The new blend, featuring notes of chocolate, cherry and spice, is set to captivate your taste buds while also supporting local business in Papua New Guinea.

As part of the launch, Grinders was proud to work with Moses Venapoe, an entrepreneur based in Kabiufa, Eastern Highland PNG, who elevates coffee by fostering improved coffee harvesting in his local community. His commitment includes purchasing only the ripest red cherries from local smallholder farmers at above market prices and utilising modern processing techniques at his wet mill. This unique approach, coupled with meticulous processing, results in exceptional coffee.

Moses’ efforts have sparked increased interest in quality harvesting, fostering positive local community impact. Grinders are proud to purchase the shade cloth for the Mill, which is a crucial part of the production process. The new flavour is a testament to Grinders’ dedication to quality and sustainability, ensuring that each sip tells a story of both love and commitment to the community.