Welcoming Our Newest Cohort of Supply Chain Interns

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia

Earlier this month, CCEP kicked off our 2024 internship program in Supply Chain at our Moorabbin Manufacturing site in Victoria. The program, in partnership with Internmatch, provides engineering and business students with exposure to different roles and job functions within a manufacturing environment, with the opportunity for full-time work at CCEP at the completion of the internship.

Introduced by Martin Griffith, Manufacturing Improvement Manager in 2022 and supported by Bonnie Schipper, Learning and Development Consultant, the program helps to bridge the gap between university and full-time work for young people.

Martin said the program is a testament to how CCEP is investing in opportunities for more young people within supply chain.

At CCEP, we’re invested in bringing through the next generation of engineers and showing young students how their passion for their chosen subject can be used in real life within a manufacturing environment. How many people have left university with a degree and no idea how to use it or what it can do for them? The internship program at CCEP allows young men and women to gain valuable work experience in line with their chosen field of study. It gives us the opportunity to attract new talent and expose them to different roles and job functions within the network, Martin said. 

Throughout the program, our interns are involved in a variety of activities and learning experiences on-site, including drafting important documentation such as SOPs (Statement of Purpose) to improve capability across all lines and functions and supporting the maintenance team with strategy procedures and line studies.

Lina Hernandez, one of our existing interns working alongside the EQS team, said the internship experience has provided her the opportunity to put into practice her knowledge from university within a manufacturing environment.

“It’s been a marvellous experience, full of new possibilities and experiences,” she said.

Maria Pedroza, also started her career last year as an intern at Moorabbin and is now employed full-time as a Technical Trainer at CCEP.

“During my internship, I had the chance to learn about the industry and collaborate closely with operators and team leaders. Following the internship program, I joined CCEP full time supporting the team on a Project Improvement initiative and have since gained valuable insights while collaborating with stakeholders, learning from peers and attending a Quality Summit. These experiences have contributed to my personal and professional development and I look forward to continuing to develop my career with CCEP in 2024!” Maria said.

Following the success of the Moorabbin pilot program in 2022, a similar program has since been adopted at our manufacturing site in Kewdale.