CCEP Spreads Festive Cheer Beyond Traditional Roles

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia

Office-Based Teams Join Forces in Stores and Supermarkets to Ensure Australians Enjoy their Favourite Beverages this Festive Season 

As the festive season approaches, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) unveils an inspiring initiative where office-based teams voluntarily step outside their traditional roles to ensure Australians enjoy their favourite beverages during the summer holiday season.  

This week, responding to a call for volunteers, CCEP's office-based roles will be actively present in stores and supermarkets across the country, supporting the field sales team, assisting customers, and stocking shelves to guarantee consumers' drinks of choice are readily available. 

The initiative embodies the spirit of the festive season and highlights the collaborative culture at CCEP, demonstrating the company's commitment to coming together as a team.  

Vice President of Sales at Home, Jarrad Mortimer, emphasized that partnering is the key to success, and the CCEP team has eagerly embraced this initiative to support customers. 

"With office-based teams volunteering in stores and supermarkets, we ensure Aussies can enjoy their favourite drinks during the festive and summer holidays. The key to our success has always been our great people, great service, and great beverages. This initiative encapsulates these principles." 

The effort not only aligns with CCEP's commitment to customer and consumer needs but also showcases the collaborative culture the company fosters.  

CCEP's Vice President of People and Culture, Sarah Burn, explains that collaboration is at the core of CCEP’s culture. 

“Witnessing our team voluntarily engage in this initiative to delight customers is heart-warming. The optional nature of this effort allows our people to explore new dimensions of our business, contributing to their personal and professional growth. It's not just about stocking shelves; it's about fostering a sense of togetherness and creating a positive impact during the holiday season." 

The collaborative spirit not only embodies the essence of the holiday season but also aligns with Coca-Cola's current campaign “The World Needs More Santa’s,” spreading kindness and making the holiday season truly magical. 

In addition, Mortimer highlighted the crucial emphasis on safety, confirming the implementation of stringent safety practices and prioritising CCEP employees' well-being. 

“CCEP’s commitment to safety resonates with the company's broader dedication to delivering excellence during this key trading period. As we navigate the demands of the festive and summer season, the unwavering focus on safety ensures the success of the current initiative and reinforces the company's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence to ensure our people get home to what they love.”