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Action on water

Treating water with the care it deserves

Water is the main ingredient in our products and essential to our manufacturing processes. We’re taking a value chain approach to treating water with the care it deserves. 

In many of our territories, water resources are affected by over exploitation, poor water management and the impacts of climate change. Water scarcity and deteriorating water quality in our supply chain have become major issues for our business in Western Europe. We’re working to ensure a sustainable supply of water, by reducing the amount of water we use in our operations and protecting local water sources for future generations. The work we do to promote clean water and sanitation helps to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.

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Action on water: Our 2025 Commitments

Water reduction

We’ll reduce the water we use in manufacturing by 20% - and address water impacts in our supply chain.

Water protection

We’ll protect the sustainability of the water sources we use for future generations.

Water replenishment

We’ll replenish 100% of the water we use in areas of water stress.

Progress against our targets in 2018


of manufacturing sites have implemented Source Water Protection Plans (SWPPs)


reduction in the amount of water used to make one litre of product since 2010


of the water used in our drinks, where sourced from areas of water stress, was replenished

Water stress map