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Action on supply chain

Sourcing ingredients sustainably and responsibly

To make our drinks, we depend on a sustainable supply of high quality agricultural ingredients. We’re committed to sourcing our agricultural ingredients and raw materials sustainably and responsibly.

Population growth, increased demand for food products and climate change are putting our supply chains under increasing pressure. We have to ensure that all the ingredients and raw materials we use, like sugar beet or coffee, are sourced sustainably. We also have a duty to respect and protect the human rights of everyone working across our supply chain. We ensure our suppliers respect our Code of Conduct and make a positive impact on society, in line with the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the United Nations’ Global Compact. Our work in this area helps to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, by promoting the development of sustainable agriculture, UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, by seeking to protect labour and human rights, and eradicate forced labour and modern slavery within our supply chain and UN Sustainabile Development Goal 10, reducing inequality within countries.

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Action on supply chain: Our 2025 Commitments

Sustainable sourcing

We’ll make sure 100% of our main agricultural ingredients and raw materials come from sustainable sources by 2020.

Ethical supply chain

We’ll continue to embed sustainability, ethics and human rights into our supply chain, by 2025.

Progress against our targets in 2018


of spend was with suppliers covered by our Supplier Guiding Principles


of sugar sourced from suppliers compliant with Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles