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Action on packaging

Making our packaging more sustainable

We are committed to finding the most sustainable ways for people to enjoy our drinks, as part of a circular economy for packaging, that are right for them and right for the planet.

We want to use less packaging where we can and, for the packaging we do use, our focus is on collecting and recycling everything we use so that none of our packaging ends up as litter, in our oceans or environment. In 2019, we announced enhanced packaging targets to accelerate delivery of our goals, together with The Coca-Cola Company.

 Our action on packaging supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Our recycling programme at Brussels airport in partnership with CCEP supports their ambition to collect every bottle they put on the market. With this project we are responding to ever increasing on the go consumption, aiming for an increase in packaging waste collection and its recycling rate.

Patrick Laevers

Managing Director Fost Plus – Belgium

Our 2025 commitments

  • Recyclability
  • Packaging collection
  • Recycled or renewable material
  • Inspire to recycle
  • Sustainable packaging

We’ll make sure that 100% of our primary packaging is recyclable or reusable and we’ll remove all unnecessary or hard to recycle packaging from our portfolio.

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In 2019, 98.3% of our packaging was recyclable. By 2025, we will also ensure that our other primary packaging materials, including the cartons and pouches we use for some of our drinks, will also be fully recyclable and compatible with local packaging collection infrastructure. This is aligned with The Coca-Cola Company’s global pledge to use 100% reusable or recyclable packaging as part of their World Without Waste strategy.

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Packaging collection

We’ll work with local and national partners to collect 100% of our packaging in Western Europe, including support for well designed deposit return schemes where a proven alternative does not exist.

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We’re currently working with a range of recycling and collection organisations across Western Europe, including Fost Plus in Belgium, CITEO in France, Remondis and Interseroh in Germany, WRAP and Valpak in Great Britain, Infinitum in Norway, Ecoembes in Spain and Returpack in Sweden.

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Recycled or renewable material

We’ll make sure that at least 50% of the material we use for our PET bottles comes from recycled plastic (rPET) by 2023 and we’ll aim to reach 100% recycled or renewable plastic in the future.

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Using recycled material in our bottles and cans keeps valuable resources in a circular economy and reduces the carbon footprint of our packaging. We are investing in new technologies, like enhanced recycling, and engaging in partnerships to ensure a reliable supply of high quality rPET in all our markets.

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Inspire to recycle

We’ll use the reach of our brands to inspire everyone to recycle.

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Consumers have an important role to play in helping to ensure that our packaging is collected and recycled and does not end up as litter or in the oceans.

We’re determined to use the reach of our brands to encourage everyone to recycle more. Across our markets we support a wide variety of consumer recycling and anti-litter campaigns, as well as putting clear recycling messages across all our packs.

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Sustainable packaging

We’ll lead the way in pioneering sustainable packaging – including renewable materials, refillable and dispensed delivery models and smart new ways to reduce packaging waste.

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Innovation is an important pillar in our strategy. In 2019, we developed a Sustainable Packaging Office (SPO) to streamline all the technical and exploratory sustainable packaging work across our geographies, to accelerate our innovation in this area and support our progress towards our enhanced packaging targets.

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Our progress in 2019


of our primary packaging was recyclable


of the PET used in our plastic bottles was recycled PET


of our packaging (PET and glass) was refillable