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Action on packaging

Making our packaging more sustainable

We’re committed to leading the way towards a circular economy where 100% of our packaging is collected, reused or recycled so that none of it ends up as litter or in rivers or oceans.

To achieve this, we are working to minimise the impact of our packaging on the environment by designing it for recyclability, investing in refillable packaging, reducing packaging weight and increasing the use of recycled and renewable content. We are working with customers, local governments and other stakeholders to improve local collection and recycling rates, including supporting well-designed deposit return schemes. We are leading the way in pioneering sustainable packaging, including exploring new packaging-free delivery models. We are also working with The Coca-Cola Company, using our brands to inspire consumers to recycle more, Our work on packaging helps to support  UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.

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Action on packaging: Our 2025 Commitments


We’ll make sure that 100% of our primary packaging is recyclable or reusable.

Packaging collection

We’ll work with local and national partners to collect 100% of our packaging in Western Europe, including support for well-designed deposit return systems.

Recycled or renewable material

We’ll make sure that at least 50% of the material we use for our PET bottles comes from recycled plastic by 2023.

Inspire to recycle

We’ll use the reach of our brands to inspire everyone to recycle.

Sustainable packaging

We’ll lead the way in pioneering sustainable packaging – including renewable materials and smart new ways to reduce packaging waste.

Progress against our targets in 2018


of our primary packaging was recyclable


of the PET used in our plastic bottles was recycled PET


of our packaging (PET and glass) was refillable