It's a family affair at CCEP Australia


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia

Ever wonder what it's like to work at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia?

You are at a BBQ with friends and family, and someone asks you what do you do?  Where do you work?

What do you say? Are you proud to say where you work? Would you recommend CCEP as a place to work?

Turns our CCEP people are proud. So proud that we even have endless stories from across our business of generations of families who call Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia home.

Take the Deevy family - Roisin Deevy, Event Program Coordinator in Supply Chain; father Tom, Network Architect; sister, Siobhan, WA Outbound Sales Consultant; brothers, Michael, Outbound Sales Consult and David, our District Sales Manager in Foodservice, Route & Leisure; and sister-in-law Dominique our Business Manager in Licensed.

That’s 5 proud Deevy family members who are all CCEP proud. It all kicked off with their dad, Tom, starting in the business in 2006 as our Network Architect who designed and implemented the telephony infrastructure at our NSW sites in Northmead, Eastern Creek and St Leonards.

For Roisin, having her family work at CCEP Australia has enabled them to “support each other through all of our highs and lows over the years. We have all had great flexibility given to us to develop ourselves professionally and personally. David and Dominique joined the business six weeks after getting married and have had two children together while working here and have been able to continue building their careers throughout. For me, I’ve been fortunate to have had so many incredible leaders and mentors to help me along the way.”

The Di Rocco family are made of up Renee Di Rocco, Team Manager, Customer and Consumer Relations, fiancé Daniel Kalcic, Web Designer, Operations and Customer Growth, and brother Alessandro Di Rocco, Business Development Executive in our Foodservice, Route & Leisure team. They all work for different parts of our vast business but remain connected, collaborate, and share their experience with one another which gives them greater insight from different parts of the same company.
For Renee, joining CCEP Australia five years ago after 10 years in hospitality gave her the skills to engage with our wide-ranging customers and consumers from across Australia, and encouraged both her brother and fiancé to join the company because of the endless experiences, opportunities and culture it offers.

Working at CCEP Australia has opened doors to many opportunities and constant development, and our employee benefits is also a lovely incentive. “With a large Italian and Croatian family, the staff sampling comes in handy for birthdays and family get togethers. In all seriousness the flexibility, culture, and friendships we have made in our time can’t be matched!”

For Zeineddine father and son, the culture at CCEP Australia has enabled them both to excel in their careers respectively and celebrate their wins together. Stuart Zeineddine is our Business Development Executive for Retail Services in Moorabbin, Victoria, and his son Aaron is our newly appointed Business Development Executive in our Victoria office. 

Stuart joined CCEP in late 2007 within our Immediate Consumption channel where he was responsible for working with our customers on the ground before transitioning into our Retail Services team where he continues to develop and share his sales and negotiation skills with colleagues and his son Aaron.

“I encouraged Aaron to join CCEP as its happy place to be part of, especially working within teams that also provide unlimited opportunities to develop. Having Aaron join CCEP makes me proud and grateful that he will experience the support and opportunities I received whilst also seeing his ‘old man doing his thing’!”

“CCEP is such a great place to work! We have the best brands in the world but it’s the people you work with and meet that makes it such a special place. As a person invested in younger people’s growth, it was very gratifying to also be given an opportunity to train Aaron when he started his career too”.
Then there is Brett Johanson, National Business Manager, Impulse & Convenience, who has his daughter Kelly Johanson and son Brendan Johanson also working in sales at CCEP. Brett started way back 25 years ago in 1996, joining just four months after his first child Kelly was born. Brett says, just a few weeks after starting, he knew this was a company that he could build a fantastic career with.
“Throughout my career each of my managers have supported me to grow and build my skillset to help be successful in each of the number of roles I’ve had. Now what makes it great having my children part of this business, is that I am using my coaching and mentoring skills that I have learnt over the years to help guide both of them in their individual roles. It makes me really proud of the initiatives and goals they are both achieving in this fantastic business.”
Our last family duo has been in our business for some time, Tom Scheibling joined our Kewdale office back in 2007 as a warehouse ‘picker’ while on university holidays to get some work experience and never left. Tom now works in Sydney as our General Manager of Planning in our Supply Chain Team, and convinced his brother, Daniel Scheibling to join CCEP Australia back in 2009 in our Operations, Logistics and Planning team in Perth, WA.
Tom said “Beyond the initial appeal big brands and global reach, CCEP initially excited me as a place that rewarded effort and commitment and supported its people’s aspiration, enabling me to work in many different areas. This has also always enabled a true customer focus that has always really resonated with me.

“We owe a lot to CCEP and the many exceptional leaders, peers and teams we have worked with over the years who have helped shape our careers and support our growth both personally and professionally. CCEP is an organisation that invests in its people and supports a growth mindset. Both of us have certainly experienced that firsthand.”     

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