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About us
001. About

CCEP Ventures is the innovation engine of Coca Cola European Partners. We invest, collaborate and build to help create the future of the beverages industry. 

Ways of working with us

002. Focus

We are interested in technology-backed innovation that will reshape fast moving consumer goods. Today, we see 4 key areas where there is significant opportunity. 

Strategic priorities

003. Partners

We work with startups, academia, suppliers and customers to create innovative solutions to industry problems and develop new opportunities. We offer a range of partnership options, including investment, academic funding and commercial relationships.   

Partnerships to date

004. Platform B

Our Ventures Platform operates as a service to our partners, who can leverage our skills, scale, brand and network to accelerate the exponential growth of their company.  

Retail outlets

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We invest, collaborate and
build to help create the
future of soft drinks.

Our goal is to find creative ideas and talented entrepreneurs
that we believe can have a transformational impact on the
beverages industry. We work with them in a number of ways.



005. Invest

We invest in companies in order to help them realise their full potential. The partnership has a mutual benefit: they gain access to our network and scale, and we gain access to innovation that is likely to disrupt our business in a positive way 

We typically invest at an early stage (seed / Series A) in order to better leverage our network to support the company’s scale up. 

Our investment focus 



 work with partners flexibly to understand how we can support their growth. This often means an investment of capital. 

It can also mean access to our customers, working with our sales force, running a pilot or entering a straightforward commercial partnership. It all depends on the partner we are working with. 

Meet our partners 


007. Build

Through our Ventures Platform, we offer a range of solutions to support partners in strategy, sales, further investment, hiring and specific problem areas where we have expertise. 

Additionally, through our venture building programme, we work with entrepreneurs to start companies and co-develop solutions to specific problems that CCEP and our industry face.   

Our platform 


We focus our efforts on four key trends that we believe will define the future of the beverages industry.

We also look at innovation outside of these four corridors if it is strategically relevant and can help make our business more efficient, sustainable and future-proof. 

  • Sustainability
  • Customer Experience
  • Route to Market
  • Sales Visibility
008 v2. Sustainability

How do we continue to produce beverages people love while protecting the planet? 

As part of our This is Forward commitment to sustainability, we aim to use recycled PET in 50% of our PET products by 2023. We are very interested in businesses innovating in the plastic recycling space who can support this. We are also excited about alternatives to single-use plastic that can help us to replace it altogether.

Customer Experience
customer v2

How can we use technology to help our customers sell our products more effectively?  

CCEP has a wide variety of customers ranging from supermarkets, convenience stores and cafés, to workplaces, music venues and online retailers. 

We invest in retail technology solutions that help these customers to sell our products (and FMCG products in general) more effectively.

We are interested in retail automation, point of sale, demand forecasting and ERP, particularly if these solutions target fragmented markets like HoReCa.

Route to Market
Teleretail 1

How do we make our products available to customers and consumers when and where they want them, in a changing, digital world? 

The internet and technology, more broadly, have changed the way retail works. This has led to a wave of new ways to reach customers, whether those customers are businesses or end consumers. From e-commerce platforms to last mile logistics, we are interested in new ways to bring great products to people.

Sales Visibility
011. Sales Visibility

How can we use data to tailor our service offering to the specific needs of our customer base? 

We believe that in the future, the best experience will be delivered to customers by understanding what products are sold when, where and why. 
Investing in ways to better collect and interpret data such as IoT, sensor technology and data analytics software helps us to achieve this. 


We act as customers and connectors for our partners

We seek to find, fund and collaborate with a broad range of innovators to solve problems that CCEP and many other FMCG firms face.


Teleretail is a software company building the future of automated retail logistics. We invested in Teleretail in 2019, and are working with them in Germany and the UK to co-develop solutions in a range of areas, including last mile delivery and warehouse automation. 


Kol delivers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to people in under 30 minutes. We invested in Kol in 2019 and are working with them to support the expansion of on demand beverage availability in our region.



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StarStock build and support e-commerce solutions that create value for Brand Owners, Retailers, Wholesalers and Licensees in the beverages industry. We invested in StarStock in early 2020 and are supporting the development of innovative new e-commerce solutions for the Licensed trade in the UK.


Foodl is a B2B e-commerce and wholesale platform for SMEs.
We invested in Foodl in early 2020 and are working with
them to provide an enhanced digital customer experience
for HoReCa channel customers in The Netherlands.


CuRe Technology is a recycling start-up which seeks to provide a new lease of life for difficult to recycle plastic polyester waste.

We invested in CuRe in 2020 to enable them to accelerate their ‘polyester rejuvenation’ technology from pilot plant to commercial readiness.


Innovative Tap Solutions' technology allows consumers to pour and pay for drinks themselves – cutting down queues, reducing the need for unnecessary contact and wait times, and freeing up serving staff.

We invested in ITS in 2020 and will co-develop a self-pour self-pay solution for NARTD with the goal to lead on innovation for CCEP post-mix customers and work with ITS for the wider application so that CCEP can provide a differentiating, low-waste offering to customers that want to go packaging-free.


Lavit is a leading maker of multi-beverage, counter-top dispensing machines.
We invested in Lavit in 2020 and the partnership will further CCEP’s intent to explore and test new dispensed delivery solutions as a key strategic route towards eliminating packaging waste and reducing its carbon footprint while providing consumers with the convenience, choice, and experience they expect from drinking Coca-Cola beverages




Investor, Customer, Growth Partner

Through the CCEP Ventures platform, founders have a single point of access to strategic support, an extensive network of large and small retail outlets, introductions to other brand owners and a broader community of investors and experts from FMCG and retail. 


Every company we work with receives optional counsel and support from two senior industry leaders, their board director and their partnership manager. 


Your contacts at CCEP can provide access to the global network of the Coca Cola System as well as the CCEP Ventures community, a broad group of investors and experts focused on the FMCG and retail space.


Wherever they are in their journey, companies can make use of our insights and network to drive commercial and strategic opportunities. Depending on the partner, CCEP may be a direct customer, or connect the partner to our mutual target customer base. 


We are a small, agile team of entrepreneurs, commercial leaders, investors and technologists

​We love to speak to anyone interested in working with us; feel free to get in touch.


Graham Stokhuyzen

Graham is an experienced innovator and leader with a focus on sales, marketing and strategy. Across a 20 year career within the FMCG industry, Graham has held leadership position in Mars Incorporated, OC&C Strategy Consultants and Coca-Cola European Partners.

He leads Corporate Development for CCEP and is the Co-Founder of CCEP Ventures. Graham is currently a Board Director of StarStock Ltd.

Focus areas:  B2B e-commerce, POS data and analytics.


0005 craig

Craig Twyford

Craig is the Co-Founder of CCEP Ventures and heads up the Investment Committee. He has enjoyed over 25 years of experience in the FMCG industry in firms including Nielsen, Kurt Salmon (Accenture Strategy) and Coca-Cola European Partners.

He manages relationships with CCEP Ventures’ origination and academic partners and is currently a Board Director of Teleretail.

Focus areas:  B2C, Last Mile Fulfilment, Automated Logistics, Data and Analytics.


0003 Kirstie Maydew

Kirstie Maydew

Kirstie is an experienced corporate financier, having worked for over 20 years in M&A at leading firms including Arthur Andersen, McQueen, Houlihan Lokey, and Deloitte.

She heads up CCEP Ventures’ strategy and activities in the area of Package-free and Dispensed Beverages and provides leadership on partnership structuring and investment.

Focus areas: Sustainability, Package-free, and Dispensed Beverage solutions


0002 Matthijs Kostelijk

Matthijs Kostelijk

Matthijs is an engineer and accomplished corporate development professional, with over 15 years of experience in M&A and strategy with PwC, URSA and CCEP.

He leads CCEP Ventures’ strategy and activities in Sustainable Packaging and specialises in deal execution and project management.

Focus areas:  Packaging innovation, recycling and closed loop


nicc t

Nicola Tongue

Nicola has extensive knowledge of the FMCG and beverages retail landscape, having held several senior commercial roles in the UK in CCEP and Belvoir Fruit Farms.

She leads deal flow and partner development for CCEP Ventures.

Focus areas: Sustainable packaging, Retail Sales Tools.


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