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Jan Bennink

Non-executive Director

Appointed: May 2016

Independent: Yes

Key strengths/experience:

- Chairman/CEO of multinational public companies
- Extensive experience in FMCG, including the food and beverage industry
- Thorough understanding of global and Western European markets
- Strong strategic, marketing and sales experience relevant to the beverage industry

Key external commitments:

Chairman of the Bennink Foundation, director of Wonderflow B.V. and IEFIC1, Executive Partner at Xn, and Advisor to Artisan Partners

Previous roles:

Executive Chairman of Sara Lee Corporation, CEO of Royal Numico N.V., Chairman and CEO of DE Masterblenders 1753 N.V., director of Kraft Foods Inc., Boots Company plc and Dalli-Werke GmbH & Co KG and a member of the Advisory Board of ABN Amro Bank

Committee memberships: Chairman of the Affiliated Transaction Committee and Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee